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Thermostat  warehouse office area


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TOP Thermostat  warehouse



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Neat thermostat warehouse


Constant temperature and humidity electronic warehouse

In the dry season, the static electricity of the human body can reach several thousand volts or even tens of thousands of volts



Storing semiconductor devices, ICs, precision electronic devices, PCBs, etc., has strict requirements on temperature and humidity.

Materials required by the grid



Provide a reliable storage environment for materials to ensure the quality of materials



1. Temperature and humidity control: Check the temperature and humidity every day to control the temperature and humidity within the specified range

2. Reliable anti-static system: discharge the human body through electrostatic discharge balls before entering the warehouse

Static electricity is discharged again through the electrostatic electric curtain when entering the warehouse. electronic material

It must be stored in an electrostatic bag, and the storage box is placed on the electrostatic skin of the shelf

3. Long-term management of materials in the warehouse, the principle of first-in first-out, through color stickers to distinguish months;


Thermostat electronic warehouse